Review: I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert

I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert. Baby Sideburns. 272 pp.

I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert. Baby Sideburns. 272 pp.

This was a Kindle daily deal, and I tend to enjoy stories of parenting told with a healthy dose of humor, so I snatched it up without a second thought. I didn’t realize this when I made my purchase, but the author is a blogger. A lot of reviewers seemed disappointed by the fact that many of the pieces in this book were cribbed from the blog, but since I hadn’t visited the blog this didn’t bother me at all.

This probably isn’t a book for potential or soon-to-be parents; it just wouldn’t be as funny. (In fact, I can imagine some readers judging parents for having some of these thoughts…and expectant couples might be terrified by the horrors that await them.)

However, for parents? Almost entirely brilliant. Like most stand-up comedy routines, there are a few flops, some bits that you sit through while you wait for the humor to kick back in, but for the most part it’s pretty darn funny. I flew through it, enjoying myself immensely, then read my favorite sections aloud to my husband. I could barely get through a few because I was laughing so hard, and we were both in stitches and tears.

My only complaint is that a lot of the foul language seemed shoved in there to prove a point. (See how cool I am? I curse!) I don’t really have a problem with “inappropriate” language if it fits, but in this book, I found it distracting much of the time.

All in all: Worth reading, particularly if you’re a parent with a sense of humor.

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