Surviving the Holidays (and Book Haul)

Whew…I made it!

Christmas was a multi-day ordeal/extravaganza for us this year: early Christmas with my family on Saturday, Christmas Eve on Long Island with my grandparents, and Christmas Day in Connecticut with my husband’s family. That’s about 550 miles of driving in a car laden with armloads of gifts and baked goods. And we closed on our house the Friday before Christmas. I have no idea what I was thinking. But we made it through, and now we’re just painting the house. (I say “just,” but have you ever removed wallpaper glue for hours on end or painted an entire house before? It takes forever.) I’m hoping to find some time to read, though, because I got some pretty great books as gifts.

My husband gave me cash, which sounds impersonal, except he earmarked it for a very Kelly-friendly purpose:



He also did some research and printed a list of all the bookstores and music shops in our new neighborhood, which he enclosed in this envelope: 



This is the perfect gift for someone like me who is often reluctant to shop for herself. (I also like the idea of supporting local businesses and maybe even featuring some of them on the blog.) I’m not sure yet which books I’ll buy; I think I’ll just browse the shelves and wait until I find something I just have to have. That’s my favorite way to shop at a used bookstore. Last time I did that, I left with George Saunders’s Pastoralia, one of my best impulse buys of all time. (I’m also thrilled that he didn’t get me a gift certificate to just one store…there’s much more freedom to explore this way.) 


Also, my friend sent me a ton of ebooks via Amazon: 


The note attached to this one said something like, “Hope you haven’t read this yet.” I hadn’t even heard of it before, so that wasn’t an issue. 


Unlike many of my other reader-friends, this particular friend is fairly anti-YA. (He’s afraid to read YA in public because of cover shame, which I think is silly because some adult books have embarrassing or ugly covers, too…and also because, since he owns a Kindle, this is no longer a valid excuse.) He says he read this one without even knowing he was reading a young adult novel. (Maybe that’s because of the cover?) 


I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while, so I’m glad to have it. Sometimes I’m such an introvert that I feel like a cliche. (Granted, if I’ve known you for years, you probably won’t be able to shut me up. What is that about?) 


I was given this one because I “read too much YA” and need to pick up some nonfiction. 

I also got a copy of What the Dog Saw, which I own in hard copy, so I exchanged it for credit and bought this, 


adding unnecessary weight to that too-much-YA argument. 

Now, if I could only find the time to read all of these books… 

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